Job: Project manager for Digital Humanities Laboratory

The research infrastructure DIGHUMLAB is seeking a visionary, dynamic and competent project manager to spearhead the structuring of the national research infrastructure DIGHUMLAB.

Your job responsibilities
To support development and cooperation within DIGHUMLAB, a secretariat for DIGHUMLAB will be established, with a project manager and administrative staff with broad expertise in Digital Humanities. Secretariat staff will be affiliated with and based at the affiliated universities named above. Besides the project manager, the secretariat will consist of an ICT project staff member, an educational media/ICT staff member and an administrator responsible for general administrative services, accounting, communication and the coordination of joint activities. The secretariat staff will also support activities related to relevant European research infrastructures such as CLARIN and DARIAH. The secretariat staff will refer to DIGHUMLAB’s project manager, who will be employed by the host institution

Please, follow this link for the job description