Funding: Research and Development in Digital Preservation and Access

NEH Funding Opportunity: Research and Development in Digital Preservation and Access « The Signal: Digital Preservation.

We here at NDIIPP are always on the lookout for opportunities to help the digital preservation community improve their work. In this respect, I was excited to see the announcement for the National Endowment for the Humanities Preservation and Access Research and Development grants (due May 16th) especially encourages applications that focus on digital preservation. I reached out to Joshua Sternfeld, a Senior Program Officer with the NEH Division of Preservation and Access, and participant in the National Digital Stewardship Alliance’s innovation working group, to discuss the role of digital preservation and stewardship in this particular program. I hope that our conversation can inspire more stakeholders in the digital stewardship and preservation community to take advantage of this opportunity to propose projects for this grant program.