CFP: Panel (Networks in) Early Modern Digital Humanities, October, Puerto Rico

I am organizing 2-3 panels related to Early Modern Digital Humanities for the Sixteenth Century Society and Conference (to be held in San Juan, Puerto Rico, on October 24-27, 2013). Despite its name, the SCSC is really concerned with the whole run of time ca. 1450-1700 or so. Proposals for individual papers of all sorts on this theme are very welcome. We think that there may be enough interest in the early modern historical, literary, art-historical and other communities to put together more than one panel; which would be great. Based on initial discussions, it looks like we may have panels in the following thematic areas:


·         Historical network analysis

·         Digital cartography / geospatial analysis

·         History of the book / history of book collections/libraries

·         Hugo Grotius – citations, textual history, learned networks