Announcement: Announcing Neatline 2.0.0! A stable, production-ready release

It’s finished! Today we’re excited to announce Neatline 2.0.0, a stable, production-ready release of the new codebase that can be used to upgrade existing installations. If you’re starting fresh with a new project, just download the new version and install it like any other Omeka plugin. If you’re upgrading from Neatline 1.x, be sure to read through the 2.0 migration guide before getting started (most important – the 2.0 migration runs as a “background process,” which means that there could be a 10-20 second lag before your old exhibits are visible under the “Neatline” tab). Then, if you want to use the SIMILE Timeline widget and item-browser panel that were built into the first version of Neatline, download NeatlineSimile and NeatlineWaypoints, the two new sub-plugins that integrate those features seamlessly into the Neatline core. For more information, check out the (all new!) documentation, which walks through the installation process in detail.

Download the plugins: Neatline | NeatlineWaypoints | NeatlineSimile