Announcement: Textal text analysis app now available!

We are really pleased to announce that Textal, our text
analysis app created in collaboration with the Centre for
Advanced Spatial Analysis, is now available for download!

Textal is a free smartphone app for iOS that allows users to
analyze documents, web pages and tweet streams, exploring the
relationships between words in the text via an intuitive word
cloud interface. The app generates visualizations and statics
that can be shared without effort, which makes it a fun and
useful tool for both research and play, bridging the gap
between text analysis and mobile computing. We also see it as
a public engagement activity for Digital Humanities.

You can read more at, and download
Textal for free in the iTunes
app store
 and we’re also on twitter, at @textal.

If you have an iPhone or and iPad, please try it out and send
us your feedback.