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DHNow will be back in June!

Digital Humanities Now will be taking a short break until June. This semester has been unlike any other, but we hope that DHNow has continued to be a useful resource as we navigate online teaching and learning, virtual conferences, working and researching from home, and broader changes and uncertainty in academia and beyond.

A big thank you goes out to our dedicated community of volunteer Editors-at-Large for being so generous with their time and expertise. This semester’s Editors-at-Large included: Alexandra Sarkozy, Benjamin Ottenstein, Je-an Cedric Cruz, Anna Ivanov, Yibing Du, Julia Ribeiro S C Thomaz, Sydni Meyer, Norman Rusin, Bibhushana Poudyal, Caterina Agostini, Dan Howlett, Kris Stinson, and Dana Meyer. Your participation is vital to DHNow’s success.

When DHNow returns in June, we will be trying out publishing just once a week. Another change is that Brandan Buck will serve as Managing Editor. I’m excited to see what the next year of publication holds for DHNow, but it’s bittersweet saying goodbye. I’ve served as Managing Editor for the last two years, and I’ve worked on DHNow during all four years of my time as a GRA at RRCHNM. I’ve truly appreciated the opportunity to shape this publication, and I’ve especially enjoyed working with all of our Editors-at-Large and Editors-in-Chief.

We hope you’ll return this summer for more digital humanities news and scholarship. If you already have an account and you’d like to volunteer as an Editor-at-Large, fill out this form. If you need an account, send an email to dhnow at pressforward.org.

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Take care and stay safe.

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