Evaluating Items: What Should I look for?

After you have read through the instructions for using the Pressforward Plugin to review and nominate content, use the criteria here to help guide your selection of nominations.

We highlight several kinds of content on Digital Humanities Now. Here is what we’re looking for in each:

Editors’ Choice:

  • Digital Humanities Scholarship

    The goal of the Editors’ Choice column is to feature scholarship in the digital humanities, particularly pieces that move the field forward by applying digital methodologies to questions in the humanities or by applying critical methodologies to the relationship between the humanities and digital technology. We are also interested in pieces that do similarly for questions related to libraries and museums. Editors’ Choice selections offer the arguments, methodologies, evidence, or interpretations that you would like to discuss with your colleagues.

  • Digital Projects

    We also are interested in featuring new digital projects, both projects that focus on particular research questions and projects that bring particular collections into the digital space in new ways.

  • Gray Literature

    White Papers: These are the research reports created in conjunction with most grant-funded projects. White papers may describe the goals of and methodological choices made by digital projects, or provide an environmental scan of existing work in a particular field.

    Conference Presentations or public lectures: These may be audio or video recordings, transcripts, extensive notes, or accompanying websites for presentations on digital humanities related topics.

News Items:

  • Calls for Papers or Participation and Conference Announcements

    We have generally chosen the interpret “CFP” quite broadly, including calls for participation, calls for projects, and requests for feedback, in addition to more traditional calls for papers. This category also includes announcements about conferences, symposia, lectures, or other events open to the public.

  • Job Announcements

    In Job Announcements, we are looking for work opportunities that touch on some area of the digital humanities. This includes postdoctoral, #alt-ac, digitally focused museum and library positions, and university staff and faculty positions with a digital humanities focus.

  • Resources

    Resources refers to items that we consider to be helpful to the digital humanities community. These include tutorials, tools for digital research, and sources for further information on a topic within the digital humanities.

  • Funding and Opportunities

    Funding and Opportunities is a “catch-all” category for items that are outside the scope of jobs or CFPs but that offer either learning opportunities or monetary support for digital humanities work.

  • Reports

    Reports come from working groups, organizations, and associations. These often are on topics such as access, distribution, value, and preservation of digital content and digital humanities work.

    We sometimes include substantial reflections on conferences in the Reports category. While presented papers are considered for Editors’ Choice, Reports is for general overviews of the topics covered or the sessions attended.


If you have additional questions or run into difficulty accessing or using the reader, please let us know at dhnow at pressforward dot org!