Award: Exeter REACT Collaborative Doctoral Studentship: Games, Gaming and Social Networks France and England (1350-1550)

This fully funded collaborative doctoral award is offered by REACT: Research and Enterprise in Arts and Creative Technologies Hub. REACT is one of four knowledge exchange hubs awarded nationally as part of a £16 million investment by the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) for knowledge exchange projects between research academics, creative industry partners and businesses. REACT will run from February 2012-2016 with wide-ranging investment in outward-facing and impact rich collaborations between research in the humanities, creative industries and arts organisations. Over its four year duration, REACT will invest over £3 million on up to 70 knowledge exchange projects in the South West and nationally.

A Digital Humanities Research Project: Games, Gaming and Social Networks in Late Medieval and Early Modern France and England (1350-1550).

While the recommended area and framework for the PhD is defined below, in practice we would expect a student to produce their own more specific research proposal under this title and within the broad framework set out here.

This research project investigates the application of digital media in heritage-based research, and specifically within medieval French and English manuscript/material culture with particular reference to games and gaming.