Editors' Choice: The Library as Research Partner

By: Yasmeen Shorish

As I typed the title for this post, I couldn’t help but think “Well, yeah. What else would the library be?” Instead of changing the title, however, I want to actually unpack what we mean when we say “research partner,” especially in the context of research data management support. In the most traditional sense, libraries…

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Creative Commons image by vial3tt3 via Flickr

Editors' Choice: Linked Data Caution

By: Jonathan Rochkind

I have been seeing an enormous amount of momentum in the library industry toward “linked data”, often in the form of a fairly ambitious collective project to rebuild much of our infrastructure around data formats built on linked data. I think linked data technology is interesting and can be useful. But I have some concerns about how it…

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Creative Commons image by James F. Clay via Flickr

Editors' Choice: Data First Interventions

By: Ed Summers

These are some remarks I made at the Web Archives conference at the University of Michigan, on November 12th, 2015. I didn’t have any slides other than this visual presentation. To some extent I think the Maryland Institute for Technology in the Humanities and similar centers, conferences and workshops like ThatCamp have been so successful at…

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Creative Commons image by evmaiden via Flickr

Editors' Choice: Tool Time, or a Discussion on Picking the Right Digital Preservation Tools…

By: John Caldwell

Who remembers Home Improvement? Tim the “Tool Man” Taylor was always trying to show the “Tool Time” audience how to build things, make repairs and of course, demo new tools made by the show’s sponsor, Binford. In true sitcom fashion, he broke more things than he fixed, thanks to his “more power” mantra. But I’m…

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