Editors' Choice: Enchanting the Desert

By: Nicholas Bauch

THIS WORK IS BASED ON a single historical document: a slideshow made by commercial photographer Henry G. Peabody between 1899-1930 at the Grand Canyon of Arizona. The project reconstructs Peabody's slideshow in a web-based medium, allowing readers to see beyond the photographer's presentation of his forty-three individual image-objects. Enchanting the Desert, instead, uses the photographs…

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Editors' Choice: Am I a Digital Humanist? Confessions of a Neoliberal Tool

By: Matthew Kirschenbaum

I briefly considered leaving for what we would nowadays call an alt-ac job. John Unsworth convinced me to stay, and finish, which I did, just as Johanna Drucker was arriving in 1999. My first tenure-track job was at the University of Kentucky in response to an ad for “humanities computing.” Kentucky was a pretty interesting…

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Creative Commons Image by Muskingum University Library via Flickr

Editors' Choice: How Cultural Capital Works - Prizewinning Novels, Bestsellers, and the Time of…

By: Andrew Piper and Eva Portelance

This new essay published in Post45 is about the relationship between prizewinning novels and their economic counterparts, bestsellers. It is about the ways in which social distinction is symbolically manifested within the contemporary novel and how we read social difference through language. Not only can we observe very strong stylistic differences between bestselling and prizewinning writing,…

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A data visualization comparing bestselling and prize winning books

Editors' Choice: Text Mining at an Institution with Lesser Financial Resources

By: Drew VandeCreek

I have periodically described my experiences with text mining in this blog.  Today I want to raise a significant point that has only recently become clear to me. It happened in the wake of my participation in the University of Michigan's "Beyond Cntrl+F" workshop on February 1st of this year. This made something very apparent: text mining is in…

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Creative Commons by chispita_666 via Flickr

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