Editor's Choice: What’s Next: The Radical, Unrealized Potential of Digital Humanities

By: Miriam

This is a lightly edited version of the keynote address I was honored to give at the Keystone Digital Humanities Conference at the University of Pennsylvania on July 22, 2015. Thank you to the organizing committee for inviting me! My sincere thanks, too, to Lauren Klein and Roderic Crooks for their advice and feedback on…

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Creative Commons Image by Marjan Krebelj via Flickr

Editor's Choice: Introduction to Digital Humanities: Lecture at QMUL ADEPT summer school

By: Anouk Lang

On Thursday 23 July I gave an introductory lecture on digital humanities at the ADEPT summer school at Queen Mary University of London. Slides are below; it’s the second summer school workshop I’ve given on DH in the past month. Digital Humanities: A brief introduction to the field from aelang Source: Introduction to Digital Humanities:…

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Creative Commons Image by Douglas Edric Stanley via Flickr

Editors' Choice: Towards Monocultural (Digital) Humanities?

By: Domenico Fiormonte

The issue of multilingualism vs lingua franca in science (and in society) is certainly very complicated, but the recent article by Gregory Crane raises some questions and a few concerns. In general, I think everybody would agree with Miran’s appeal on Humanist: “Let us invest in language diversity”. There are countless documents supporting multilingualism in…

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Creative Commons Image by Phillip Barron via Flickr

Editors' Choice: Digital Humanities, Medievalism, and the Importance of Errors

By: Sara L. Uckelman

Two weeks ago, I attended the Middle Ages in the Modern World conference in Lincoln (and gave a talk on medieval vs. ‘medieval’ names if you haven’t already read the recap of that), which included an extremely interesting paper by Bridget Ruth Whearty (Stanford), “Of Scribes and Digitizers: Modern Digitization Studio as Medieval Scriptorium”, in…

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Creative Commons Image by Hash Milhan via Flickr

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