Editors' Choice: Settlement and Removal - Poor Relief and Exclusion in 18th-century London

By: Sharon Howard

From the Act for the Relief of the Poor of 1662, or so-called “Settlement Act” onwards, various pieces of 17th- and 18th- century legislation formally codified entitlement to parochial poor relief by “settlement“. The main ways of gaining a settlement of your own were: completing a formally contracted apprenticeship; at least one year in continuous…

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Map highlighting a specific region in red.

Editors' Choice: A Brief Visual History of MARC Cataloging at the Library of Congress

By: Ben Schmidt

The Library of Congress has released MARC records that I'll be doing more with over the next several months to understand the books and their classifications. As a first stab, though, I wanted to simply look at the history of how the Library created digital card catalogs to begin with. Read full post here.

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A visualization of the MARC records by publication year.

Editors' Choice: A Gospel of Health and Salvation

By: Jeri E. Wieringa

This is part of a series of technical essays documenting the computational analysis that undergirds my dissertation, A Gospel of Health and Salvation. For an overview of the dissertation project, you can read the current project description at jeriwieringa.com. You can access the Jupyter notebooks on Github. My goals in sharing the notebooks and technical…

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Editors' Choice: Study Early America? You Should Look at the Loyalist Claims

By: Stephanie Seal Walters

If you are a friend, family member, or co-worker of mine there is a really good chance you’ve heard me blurt something out about the Loyalist Claims Commission. You were also probably very nice about it and kindly nodded your head when you had no idea what in the world I was talking about. Bless…

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