Editors' Choice: What Do We Do About Archival Violence? (#DH2017 Talk)

By: Anelise Hanson Shrout

Data is fraught with peril. I want to do two things today. The first is to talk about how archives enact epistemic violence on some of the subjects they preserve. The second is to talk about how DH methods, combined with insights from scholars who study marginalized people, can be used to undermine the inhumanity…

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Creative Commons image by Neil Crosby via Flickr

Editors' Choice: The Database as a Methodological Tool

By: Matthew Evan Davis

The traditional role of the database in scholarship has been as a repository – a place to store information for later retrieval.  Over the past couple of years, however, I’ve found myself becoming more interested in the methodological use of the database not simply to store information, but to clarify points of tension between the…

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Creative Commons Image by Marjan Krebelj via Flickr

Editors' Choice: Paradigms in Academe - On the Digital, Motherhood, and Location-Nonspecific Work

By: Sonja Burrows

While I am deeply awed by people who are able to choose to be stay-at-home parents, I never imagined myself to be one of them. Simply put, I never thought in that way about my contribution to the world. I always endeavored to seek my own path, to put my heart and soul into making…

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Editors' Choice: DH 2017 Presentation - DH as Critical University Studies

By: Matt Applegate

I want to take a brief moment to explain the personal and theoretical underpinnings of this project, and state why I want to connect critical DH work with certain aspects of critical university studies (CUS). At last year’s MLA I organized a panel on Digital Humanities in Secondary Education with excellent panelists doing critical DH…

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Creative Commons Image by Vitor Antunes via Flickr

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