Editors' Choice: Games and Learning: Building Sustainable Communities

By: Peter Christiansen

E3, The Electronic Entertainment Expo, was just last week, so there’s quite a bit of videogame news circulating about the internets right now.  Amid the waves of game trailers and press releases, most of us could be forgiven for not knowing that during the hubbub of the convention, a number of scholars and educators held…

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Editors' Choice: The Agency of Digital Things (in which Templates and Snippets of Code…

By: Katherine Cook

As an archaeologist, I often talk about how objects have agency. They can make us move, act, and think in particular ways. The ‘Berlin key’, for example, forces users to lock doors whenever they are closed (see Bruno Latour‘s work). Monuments make us remember certain people and events in very particular ways. Many anthropologists now…

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Editors' Choice: America’s Public Bible: Biblical Quotations in U.S. Newspapers

By: Lincoln Mullen

tabsets For most of its issues in 1902, the Ellensburg [Washington] Dawn featured a quotation from Benjamin Franklin prominently on its front page. “A Bible and a newspaper in every house,” the masthead proclaimed, “are the principal support of virtue, morality, and civil liberty.” Though the quotation from Franklin was doubtless spurious, the combination of…

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Editors' Choice: The Digital Humanities as an Emerging Field in China

By: Lik Hang Tsui

The “digital humanities” (usually translated as shuzi renwen 数字人文 in mainland China and shuwei renwen 數位人文 in Taiwan) have recently received a lot of attention in Chinese academic circles, even though it took a long time for the concept to come to the attention of mainland China universities. The first digital humanities centre in China…

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The Digital Humanities as an Emerging Field in China – China Policy Institute Blog

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