• Editors' Choice: Ctrl Alt Delete - Aleia Brown Digital Dialogues…

    Revolutionary dreams erupt out of political engagement; collective social movements are incubators of new knowledge.  Robin D.G.  Kelly, Freedom Dreams: The Black Radical Imagination This presentation traces the arc of Museums Respond to Ferguson and #BlkTwitterstorians–two born digital projects that emerged at the height of the Movement for Black Lives. The chats started with queries that…

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  • Editors' Choice: Hyperlocal Histories and Digital Collections

    This is a slightly extended version of a talk I presented at the Digital Library Federation 2018 Forum, held in Las Vegas in October 2018. Thanks to students in my Fall 2017 “Digital Public Humanities” course; the Providence Public Library Special Collections department; Diane O’Donoghue; Julieanne Fontana, Angela Feng, and Jasmine Chu; Monica Muñoz Martinez; Susan Smulyan;…

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  • Editors' Choice: Enslaved People in Eighteenth-century Britain - An Interview…

    In today’s post, Keisha N. Blain, Senior Editor of Black Perspectives, interviews Nelson Mundell about the new online database, Runaway Slaves in Britain: Bondage, Freedom and Race in the Eighteenth Century. Mundell is a former History teacher with a MEd in Education and is finishing his history PhD thesis, “The Runaway Enslaved in Eighteenth-century Britain,” at…

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  • Editors' Choice: How to See the Forest for the Trolls…

    Simple Share Buttons Adder (7.4.18) Content warning: References to sexual assault and online harassment As we consider digital rhetoric’s futures, I want to think about ways that we can study digital networks, and communities and interactions on digital networks, better. And by better, I mean, more thoroughly, more descriptively, more rigorously. How can we…

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