Welcome to the Editors-at-Large Corner of DHNow

DHNow is an experiment in reversing the direction of the publication process. Because there is no direct submission process, our ability to “catch the good” is dependent upon our taking the widest view of the digital landscape as possible. With help from the community, we aim to surface and highlight pieces that advance digital humanities scholarship and practice.

You can find detailed instructions on how to volunteer, review and evaluate content, and offer feedback via the links on the right.

What am I signing up for?

Editors-at-Large sign up for weekly rotations to review the pieces produced or shared by the digital humanities community and nominate the most important scholarly work and news items for the weekly DHNow Editor-in-Chief to prepare for distribution on Wednesdays.

The weekly rotations run from Monday through Sunday. We ask that you plan for about half an hour a day during the work week (Monday-Friday) to read and nominate content for publication. Content nominated on Fridays will be considered for publication the following week. At the end of your week’s rotation, we will invite you to give us feedback, both on the pieces that you found for the week and on the nominating process itself.