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Digital Humanities Now seeks to disseminate scholarship produced by and for the digital humanities community on the open web.

Since 2011, the content featured on this site has been chosen from material published on the open web and aggregated in the Compendium of the Digital Humanities. Digital Humanities Now also draws from automated searches for digital humanities content and from information shared by the community at large on Twitter. Occasionally, job and news announcements are emailed directly to us at dhnow at pressforward dot org.

If you are not already in the Compendium and would like to be, or your information has changed recently, please be sure to include your RSS or Atom feed when you fill out the form below.


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While most of the content reviewed for Digital Humanities Now is compiled from RSS feeds and community recommendations on Twitter, we are aware that worthy pieces and announcements may not be distributed through these methods. If there is a particular piece, project, or job announcement that you would like to nominate for distribution through Digital Humanities Now, please email us at dhnow at pressforward dot org.