CFP: Evaluation and Assessment of Digital Humanities Scholarship

We are looking for new and existing pieces on methods and standards for evaluating digital humanities scholarship to include in the upcoming issue of the Journal of Digital Humanities. Our goal is to bring together resources from a variety of sources to help the producers and evaluators of digital humanities scholarship better frame, discuss, and assess the growing collection of work in the digital humanities.

You can suggest or submit a piece in one of the following ways:

1) We are building a bibliography of existing statements and institutional policies in the Digital Humanities Zotero Group Library. Group membership is open and we encourage DHNow readers to add materials and citations to the library. Any material added to the “Assessment and Evaluation” folder will be considered for the upcoming issue.

2) Work published online by December 3, 2012 will be considered for inclusion in the Journal of Digital Humanities. See How to Submit Your Work to send us a link and, while you are there, be sure to add your information to the Digital Humanities Registry.