Opportunity: Visualizing Time Challenge

ChronoZoom, an open source project initiated by Microsoft Research and UC Berkeley enables students to explore, create, and tell stories with timelines directly from within a web browser. As the 2013 recipient of the SXSW Interactive Award for Best Educational Resource, ChronoZoom is developing lesson plans to teach historical thinking concepts to middle and high school students.

We’ve teamed up with Microsoft Research and challenge you to use data and design to visualize time to make ChronoZoom an even better educational tool. ChronoZoom is both a dataset–accessible via an API–and an interface. The data includes entities like eras, events, historical figures and the relationships between them. Your challenge is to create a visualization using the API. Your project should work as a standalone piece, but innovative features may be incorporated into the official ChronoZoom application.

We’re offering up to $17,000 in prizes, including a trip to Moscow, Russia to meet with a member of the ChronoZoom Research and Design team. Because ChronoZoom is open-source, your visualization is subject to the Apache v2 license and certain prizes are limited to specific categories. Read the full Challenge Rules below for additional information and details on eligibility.

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