Announcement: Quantitative Analysis and the Digital Turn in Historical Studies

From the announcement:

Happy to announce that Chad Gaffield (University of Ottawa) and myself are organizing a workshop to be held between February 27th and March 1st 2019 at the Fields Institute for Research in the Mathematical Sciences.

While scholars (and a few scientists) have been developing new methodological approaches for working with historical data, there have been few forums or mechanisms to facilitate communication and collaboration among them, especially across significant disciplinary boundaries. Our “Workshop on Quantitative Analysis and the Digital Turn in Historical Studies” presents an innovative collaborative opportunity for participants to share research, learn about cutting-edge research tools, and possibly begin to move towards a common understanding of future directions in historical research after the digital turn. By bringing together such a group, we aim to move from fragmented conversations – held at a panel here or there across diverse conferences – into a cohesive engagement conducted within a new inclusive, open, interdisciplinary community. Right now, community discussions are taking place across disparate sites and locations; we will bring scholars together into one room in order to articulate a vision for the future.

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