Job: Immersive Technologies Librarian, University of Rochester

From the ad:

The Immersive Technologies Librarian’s primary focus is the creation of Studio X, a program and space for students, staff, and faculty to augmented, extended, mixed, and virtual reality (XR) and related technologies. The purpose of Studio X is to inspire innovative and interdisciplinary engagement, and to facilitate the development of a rich community of practice for XR, an area that is a strategic research priority at the University of Rochester. With the support of a range of collaborators within the libraries and beyond, the Immersive Technologies a Librarian designs and delivers an exploratory program that introduces students and faculty to tools, approaches, and technologies that make up XR, with an eye towards transforming coursework, inspiring new research directions, and providing support to innovative student and faculty projects. The Immersive Technologies Librarian will be part of a team designing Studio X, which is set to open in 2020, and will take on the responsibility of designing and bringing programming and support services into the space.

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