CFP: Special Issue of Intertexts – Epistemology as Border(land)s in the Age of Globalization

From the CFP:

From Anzaldúa’s Borderlands/La Frontera poetics (1987) of articulating reformulations and provisional syntheses, to new technological pathways for infinite distribution across different borders (e.g., social media, gaming), to the recently discussed epistemological rupture in the Anthropocene, epistemology as border(land)s in the age of globalization thus provides powerful discursive and aesthetic strategies for cultural relationality and transcultural subjectivity. This special issue seeks papers that particularly examine epistemology as borders and borderlands with such intertwined questions as nationalism, pedagogy, and digitality/mediality. The paper should frame contacts, conflicts, and impacts among representations and movements with comparative approaches to epistemology as borderlands for innovative modes of thinking.

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