Announcement: THATCamp retrospective and sunsetting

From the announcement:

We plan to thus “turn off” the THATCamp website on Friday, February 28th (just before Leap Day!). We still encourage people to organize THATCamps and to use the #thatcamp hashtag, and we ask that you still register your future planned THATCamp event with a new Google form, but we will no longer provide new THATCamp websites and user accounts on

As we approach this change, we think it’s a great time to do some reflection on the experience and impact of THATCamp. To that end, we have set up a website at and we would like to ask anyone who has been to a THATCamp (or to several THATCamps) to consider contributing a short reflective piece on THATCamp: its pluses, its minuses, the friends we made along the way, the hacks we hacked, the yaks we yakked. Video, audio, images, code, poetry, GIFs, glitches also welcome. If text, we ask that you limit your contribution to about 500 words. Please submit your reflection by February 21st, 2020, so that we can make sure to collect all the works before our February 28th sunset date for distribution. We might later seek to edit and publish your contributions in another medium, but if so, we will contact you for permission to republish them.

Read the full announcement here.