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Announcement: Digital Classicist London Live-Casts

From the announcement:

For the first time this year, the Digital Classicist London seminars will be live-cast via the Web, so colleagues who are unable to make it to the events themselves at 16:30 (British Summer Time) on a Friday afternoon, can watch and listen along at the DCLS YouTube channel at:

Or watch the edited video which will appear in the same page a few days later.

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Announcement: Critical Blogging in Archaeology, A Special Volume of Internet Archaeology

From the introduction:

This special volume of Internet Archaeology collects the leading voices of blogging in archaeology to provide a critical examination of informal, online self-publication. This collection of articles is one result of over a decade of digital communication; the confluence of a conversation that grew from a few lonely voices to a tumultuous cacophony. Even so, blogging has had very little scrutiny in wider archaeological publication (but see Caraher2008; Kansa and Deblauwe 2011). The first movement toward this volume was the Blogging Archaeology session at the 2011 Society for American Archaeology meetings, accompanied by a “Blog Carnival,” a groundbreaking effort to foment reflexive discussion prior to the conference. Several participants of this original session and blog carnival have contributed to this volume; these articles are intermingled with perspectives from contributors who have started blogging in the intervening time, and with peer review comments from archaeologists who have blogged for a long time, and from those who do not blog at all.

In this volume, we have attempted to capture and present this colourful digital noise through the more traditional form of peer reviewed journal publication. To meaningfully circumscribe archaeological blogging, we present this introduction as a form of paradata—details about the decisions that went into forming this volume. These paradata include a brief background of blogging in archaeology, the context and connectivity of the articles in this volume, and the contingencies of the experimental publication employed by Internet Archaeology in including open peer review and the addition of a comments section that will be archived with the original articles. Finally, we invite you to join this conversation, through commenting on these articles, engaging with #CritBlogArch on Twitter, or starting your own blog.

Internet Archaeol. Issue 39. Critical Blogging in Archaeoology. Themed Issue. Table of Contents..

Announcement: Earn a Graduate Certificate in Digital Public Humanities Online

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Digital tools and resources are transforming the ways in which we research, interpret, and communicate. Be part of this change by enrolling in the new graduate online Digital Public Humanities Certificate created by the Department of History and Art History and the Roy Rosenzweig Center for History and New Media at George Mason University in partnership with Smithsonian Associates.

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Announcement: Black Girls CODE DC Chapter Meet & Greet Kick Off Tickets, Washington

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We are Black Girls CODE, a nonprofit organization whose mission has transformed to a global movement to give young girls of color, age 7-17, the tools to become inventors, leaders and creators of their own future in the world’s technology economy. To date we have educated and introduced computer programming to over 3,000 girls of color (Black, Latina and Native American).

Dedicated to our mission, we are looking for your help to join us on our mission in building the next generation of techies.

Source: Black Girls CODE DC Chapter Meet & Greet Kick Off Tickets, Washington | Eventbrite.

Announcement: National Digital Stewardship Alliance Seeking New Host Organization

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Founded in 2010, the National Digital Stewardship Alliance (NDSA) is a consortium of institutions that are committed to the long-term preservation of digital information. NDSA’s mission is to establish, maintain and advance the capacity to preserve digital resources for the benefit of present and future generations. The NDSA comprises over 160 participating institutional members. These members come from 45 states and include universities, consortia, professional societies, commercial businesses, professional associations and government agencies at the federal, state and local level.

The NDSA host organization will play a critical role in the digital stewardship community, in ongoing activities, and in developing new NDSA products. The host will be prominently acknowledged in NDSA reports and other products; in NDSA communications; and at conferences and other NDSA events. The NDSA host organization will participate in NDSA leadership as a member of the Coordinating Committee; will contribute expertise through participation in NDSA working groups and working group activities, and will contribute to operations by providing administrative organizational support.

Source: National Digital Stewardship Alliance Seeking New Host Organization

Announcement: WWII Teacher Professional Development Website Goes Live

From the Announcement:

The Roy Rosenzweig Center for History and New Media (RRCHNM) is proud to announce the launch of Understanding Sacrifice (

Sponsored by the American Battle Monuments Commission (ABMC), this website is part of an 18-month professional development program for middle- and high-school teachers. Working with National History Day and RRCHNM, 18 teachers are developing interdisciplinary lessons about WWII in Northern Europe. They are also researching the life of a service member buried or memorialized at an ABMC cemetery. The resulting profiles will be incorporated into the lessons.

Source: WWII Teacher Professional Development Website Goes Live

Announcement: The Digital Public Library of America Partners with President Obama to Provide Children with Greater Access to Ebooks

From the Announcement:

Today President Obama announced a major new program, with the Digital Public Library of America as a core partner, that will provide children from across the country with greater access to thousands of ebooks. The Open eBooks initiative will include ebooks from DPLA’s extensive collection of openly available content as well as contemporary titles from publishers, which are being generously donated as part of the effort and available for free to students from low-income families. The publisher commitments include $250 million in ebook donations. DPLA’s national network of librarians will help coordinate books for inclusion in the program, and will connect to children and libraries across America.around the globe who use its resources at

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