CFParticipation: Empirical Study: Finding Examples of a Theme, by Example

To find out whether search-by-example works, we’ve designed a five-minute study around three Shakespearean themes. There are three systems: one search, and two different example-based ones. Participants are shown an example of a theme, and asked to use a system to find as many relevant results as they can in five minutes. The systems and theme are randomly assigned.

We’ll find our answer by comparing the quality and quantity of the sentences the participants find on the three systems. Expert scholars will help us judge quality: they will rate the relevance of sentences the different systems produce (without knowing which system produced which sentence). For quantity, there is a time limit — which system produces more high-quality  results in five minutes?

So, does example-based exploration work better than search for theme finding?

If you have five minutes, you can help us find out by participating in the study: