CFParticipation: Strange Bedfellows – A collaborative blogging project

We are looking for ten bloggers to participate in an exciting new project exploring the relationship between analysis and creativity across a number of disciplines and a range of activities. The project will run from September 2012 – August 2013 and will explore a variety of questions: What is the relationship between analyzing a text / film / piece of music / piece of visual art, and creating one? What are the advantages and problems that analytical/creative multi-taskers face when they operate like this, and what models of influence do they recognize and employ? How do the analytical and creative processes enhance, modify, or stymie one another? How do the academic and creative sectors work together, and how should they? In a political climate where both the arts and the humanities are being judged unworthy of public support, can these sectors work together to articulate their value (intrinsic or otherwise) to the general public, as well as their necessity to the public welfare?