Call for Papers: “Digital Approaches to Medieval Script and Image”

DigiPal Call for Papers: “Digital Approaches to Medieval Script and Image” | Digital Resource for Palaeography.

DigiPal One-Day Symposium

22nd November 2012, King’s College London

The DigiPal team ( are delighted to invite submissions for their second
symposium at King’s College London. This year’s theme is the implications of the increasing reliance of the scholarly community upon digital images and technologies. Bringing together art historians, palaeographers, medievalists and the Digital Humanities, the symposium will share theoretical approaches and methodologies and, crucially, test prevalent assumptions.

How to propose a paper

Papers of 20 minutes in length are invited on any relevant aspect of digital approaches to the representation of script and manuscript art. We would like to facilitate a wide-ranging debate and so welcome submissions from scholars whose primary experience is not with digitising images, or necessarily the medieval period.

Possible topics could include:

  •  the practical and theoretical consequences of the use of digital images
  •  the relevance of art historical theories to the digital representation of medieval manuscripts
  •  the problems and potentials presented by digital imaging technologies
  •  palaeographical method for ‘Digital’ and ‘Analogue’ palaeography
  •  reassessing the terminology used in manuscript studies and palaeography
  •  reports from projects that make use of digitised images

To propose a paper, please email a brief abstract (250 words max.) to digipal [at]

The deadline for the receipt of submissions is 10.23pm
on Friday 14th September 2012