Report: Digital Research Resources Workshop

OeRC and the Department of Digital Humanities at King’s College London jointly held an invited workshop on 25 July 2012 on Digital Research Resources in the Arts and Humanities. The workshop was organized by David Robey and Andrew Prescott and took place at King’s. It was supported by the AHRC and JISC.

This event reviewed and celebrated the achievements of the AHRC and the JISC in funding the creation of digital research resources for the arts and humanities. It identified future areas for collaboration, dialogue and joint activity as both the AHRC and the JISC restructure their programmes and identify new priorities.

Participants included senior officers from AHRC and JISC together with members of their advisory panels; UK digital arts and humanities specialists; digital research resource project leaders; and representatives of the Museums, Libraries and Archives sector. David De Roure and David Robey were among the speakers.

The full programme and attendance list is available, with links to the speakers’ presentations.