Opportunity: Fellowship in Digital Humanities at Utrecht University

The Centre for the Humanities and the Descartes Centre at Utrecht University, in cooperation with the digital Humanities platform of Utrecht Univeristy, are launching an annual fellowship to promote intellectual exchange and collaboration in the domain of the Digital Humanities.

The Digital Humanities, also known as Humanistic Informatics or Humanities Computing are a fast-growing field that ranges from digital library resources and digital publishing to research on new media and information technologies. The aim of this fellowship is to provide a synoptical view of some of the substantive and content-driven connections between the research culture and practice of the Humanities and the debates about the new digital media and information technologies. More specifically the fellowship aims to link these debates to the civic mission of the university to train responsible, active and informed citizens. This theme also aims to compare notes on different and new concepts of ‘the Human’ and even ‘the posthuman’ drawn from as broad an interdisciplinary field as possible. This may lead to interrogate the relationship between the ‘two cultures’ of the Humanities and techno-sciences in the light of contemporary developments and new epistemologies. CFH welcomes application from the fields of history, literary theory, cultural studies, linguistics, computer science, media, philosophy, art and digital publishing.