Conference: Attend Virtually » THATCamp Hybrid Pedagogy Oct 20-21, 2012

Most THATCamps utilize a bundle of tools, tags, and links to connect the on-ground conversations taking place locally to broader conversations taking place online. Sometimes this practice has resulted in concepts escaping from a THATCamp session into the wild, sometimes into another simultaneous breakout session during THATCamp. THATCamp Hybrid Pedagogy will build on these previous experiences in an attempt to create a truly hybrid or blended unconference. If you can’t join us in person this weekend in Portland, OR, at Marylhurst University, we would love to have you lurking or participating via Twitter, this blog or your own, Google Docs, and Google Hangout. No need to register if you want to attend virtually. Just come back here and follow@hybridped and #thatcamphp for updates.