Opportunity: GIS in the Digital Humanities: A free one day seminar, Lancaster University

GIS in the Digital Humanities: A free one day seminar « Applied Technologies to Archaeology.

Geographical Information Systems (GIS) are becoming increasingly used by historians, archaeologists, literary scholars, classicists and others with an interest in humanities geographies. Take-up has been hampered by a lack of understanding of what GIS is and what it has to offer to these disciplines. This free workshop, sponsored by the European Research Council’s Spatial Humanities: Texts, GIS, Places project and hosted by Lancaster University, will provide a basic introduction to GIS both as an approach to academic study and as a technology. Its key aims are: To establish why the use of GIS is important to the humanities; to stress the key abilities offered by GIS, particularly the capacity to integrate, analyse and visualise a wide range of data from many different types of sources; to show the pitfalls associated with GIS and thus encourage a more informed and subtle understanding of the technology; and, to provide a basic overview of GIS software and data.

The event is taking place on the 30th of November and is free. Take into account that this is a basic seminar. It is targeted to people new to GIS, and is mainly about its use in many different fields within humanities and not only archaeology. So, if you want to meet people with an interest in interdisciplinary research within humanities and GIS this is for you .

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