Resource: Digital Humanities GIS projects revisited

A milestone: my list of Digital Humanities GIS projects has now topped 100 entries. It currently stands at 103 entries, the latest to be added being the Google-sponsored Routes of Sefarad, mapping Jewish Heritage in Spain, and Placing Literature, an ambitious attempt to crowd-source the locations of novels.

The original aim was to catalogue academic mapping projects; my interest was in how the new digital ‘neogeography’ was being used in universities, and for what ends. But the list has drifted away from this, to cover literary and historical mappings in general. So projects produced outside academe are listed as well.

I’m not aiming to be comprehensive, and have enough data for my original purpose, but I will continue to maintain this list in an ad hoc fashion. Know of a project not listed? Put it in the comments.

For more maps, more than you could possibly explore in a lifetime, see Google Maps Mania – which goes beyond what the name suggests. And for weird cartography, see the ever excellent Strange Maps.