Editor’s Choice: The Web as a Preservation Medium

Next year it will be 25 years since Tim Berners-Lee wrote his proposal to build the World Wide Web. I’ve spent almost half of my life working with the technology of the Web. The Web has been good to me. I imagine it has been good to you as well. I highly doubt I would be standing here talking to you today if it wasn’t for the Web. Perhaps the National Digital Forum would not exist, if it was not for the Web. Sometimes I wonder if we need the Web to continue to survive as a species. It’s certainly hard for my kids to imagine a world without the Web. In a way it’s even hard for me to remember it. This is the way of media, slipping into the very fabric of experience. Today I’d like to talk to you about what it means to think about the Web as a preservation medium.

This content was selected for Digital Humanities Now by Editor-in-Chief Benjamin Schneider based on nominations by Editors-at-Large: Sarah Canfield Fuller, Jodi Reeves Flores