Conference: Antwerp EADH Spring Aca­demy in Digi­tal Humani­ties 2014

We now invite appli­cations for the Spring Aca­demy in Digi­tal Humani­ties offered by the Univer­sity of Ant­werp. Our intensive, full-week program takes place from 31 March to 4 April 2014. The target audience consists of (early-stage) resear­chers in the Humani­ties, who wish to apply digi­tal methods in their own research prac­tice but who, so far, have had little or no significant initiation to the use of digital methods. The focus is on text analysis using the popu­lar scrip­ting language Python, which is rapidly becoming the standard program­ming language for computa­tional text ana­lysis in digi­tal Humani­ties.

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