CFP: Articles on Critical Digital Pedagogy

Hybrid Pedagogy is issuing a call for participation for articles on critical digital pedagogy. Submissions should help to map (or represent) the terrain of the field, while considering the following questions:

  1. How can digital technologies and cultures interrogate and/or deconstruct the roles of student and teacher?
  2. How does critical pedagogy change the way we see teachers and students as socially, economically, politically, and emotionally situated in a learning space? How is this changed in the wake of online and hybrid education?
  3. What must we know about existing and invisible obstacles to learner agency in order to disrupt them?
  4. What is the role of interactivity, engagement, and critical contribution in the digital or digitally-enhanced classroom?
  5. How can we make something valuable — something ethical — from the collective intelligence of the web, and not merely be swept along by its numbing flow?
  6. How do we make our classrooms sites of intrinsic motivation, networked learning, and critical practice?
  7. How can the work of writers and educators like Paulo Freire, bell hooks, Henry Giroux, and John Dewey help us navigate our new educational terrain? And how are educators like Cathy Davidson and Howard Rheingold helping to further reimagine learning that happens in digital space.
  8. What is digital agency? What are its incumbent privileges and responsibilities?

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