Report: CNI Digital Scholarship Centers Report and Web Resource

From the announcement:

An emerging trend that CNI has been highlighting for the past few years is the establishment of digital scholarship centers or labs in universities and colleges. We invited participation in a workshop to document the current centers and identify good practice, in April, 2014, and 24 institutions who had centers up and running responded to our call. Each participating center completed a template describing its mission, a key project, types of staff available, and services offered. The workshop included sessions on describing how the center had been established, the types of staff involved, the range of services, links to teaching and learning (as links to research were a given), and organizational issues.

We are releasing today our web resource on Digital Scholarship Centers that includes a report of the workshop, the slides associated with presentations given at the workshop, and the descriptions of centers contributed by each institution that participated.

Source: CNI Digital Scholarship Centers Report and Web Resource. Access the report here.