Announcement: Debates in the Digital Humanities – A book series from the University of Minnesota Press

From the announcement:

In the three years since Debates in the Digital Humanities was first published by the University of Minnesota Press, debates in and around the digital humanities (DH) have continued to grow. Scholars now anchor major research projects in digital methods; institutions have reorganized, both structurally and financially, to make room for DH programs; and scholars and institutions alike have turned outwards, advocating for the digital humanities on a global stage. At the same time, a number of critiques have forced the field to expand its scope, accounting for more diverse practices and perspectives.

In this context, we are pleased to announce the Debates in the Digital Humanities Series, a new book series from Minnesota. By identifying ideas and discussions as they emerge, and by providing a platform through which conversations can unfold and be preserved, the series will highlight key tensions that are shaping the field. The series will have two major components: the Debates in the Digital Humanities Annual, which will highlight conversations that have influenced the field during a given year, and books on special topics that warrant more focused and extended discussion.

Source: Debates in the Digital Humanities