Announcement: THATCamp Council Election

From the post:

It’s been a fast year, and the first incarnation of THATCamp Council is coming to the close of its term. That means we’re looking for new members of the THATCamp Council!

What is the THATCamp Council?

The Council is seven experienced THATCamp organizers who provide guidance and direction to THATCamp in general. Mainly, this means responding to the THATCamp forums or otherwise providing support and guidance to THATCamps. It can also mean responding to the needs of the THATCamp community. For example, the first Council created a THATCamp Code of Conduct for THATCamps.

Tell me more about the THATCamp Council! Am I eligible?

To learn more about us, especially the responsibilities of Council members, please read about the Council.

There are three open spots for the Council this year. If you have organized a THATCamp, you are eligible to run and help the wider movement!

Find out more and apply here: THATCamp Council Election | THATCamp