Job: Digital Humanities Intern, JSTOR

From the announcement:

The Digital Humanities Intern (DH) will work the JSTOR Labs team to extend Understanding Shakespeare, its partnership project with the Folger Shakespeare Library. Understanding Shakespeare has shown a new way of connecting primary texts with the literature about them, and the DH Intern will play a pivotal role in making this resource even more transformative. To do so, the DH Intern will work with the JSTOR Labs team to create a public API to the data within, Understanding Shakespeare. He or she will then create a series of public demonstrator visualizations and applications on top of the API, answering questions such as: which plays have shown steady academic interest over time and which have been the most “trendy?” How have quotation-rates of male vs. female characters in Shakespeare’s plays changed over time? What are the differences between disciplines in most-cited play, character, and line?

Source: JOB: Digital Humanities Intern, JSTOR