Resource: Getting the Word Out: Academic Libraries as Scholarly Publishers

In the past decade there has been an intense growth in the number of library publishing services supporting faculty and students. Unified by a commitment to both access and service, library publishing programs have grown from an early focus on backlist digitization to encompass publication of student works, textbooks, research data, as well as books and journals. This growing engagement with publishing is a natural extension of the academic library’s commitment to support the creation of and access to scholarship. This volume includes chapters by some of the most talented thinkers in this area of librarianship, exploring topics such as the economics of publishing and the challenges of collaboration, and surveying the service landscape for publishing in support of a variety of formats and methods. Edited by library publishing experts Maria Bonn, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign (UIUC) Graduate School of Library and Information Science, and Mike Furlough, HathiTrust Digital Library, Getting the Word Out deepens current discussions in the field, and provides both decision makers and current practitioners with an introduction to the current state of the field and an investigation of its future prospects.This book is appropriate for all types of academic libraries and for graduate programs in library and information studies.

Table of Contents

Foreword – Dan Cohen and Kathleen Fitzpatrick
Introduction. The Roots and Branches of Library Publishing Programs – Maria Bonn and Mike Furlough

Section 1: Why Libraries Publish
Chapter 1. Scholarly Publishing as an Economic Public Good – Paul N. Courant and Elisabeth A. Jones
Chapter 2. We Scholars: How Libraries Could Help Us with Scholarly Publishing, if Only We’d Let Them – J. Britt Holbrook

Section 2: How Libraries Publish
Chapter 3. Toward New-Model Scholarly Publishing: Uniting the Skills of Publishers and Libraries – Monica McCormick
Chapter 4. From Collaboration to Integration: University Presses and Libraries – Charles Watkinson
Chapter 5. The Evolution of Publishing Agreements at the University of Michigan Library – Kevin S. Hawkins
Chapter 6. Library-as-Publisher: Capacity Building for the Library Publishing Subfield – Katherine Skinner, Sarah Lippincott, Julie Speer, and Tyler Walters
Chapter 7. Nimble and Oriented towards Teaching and Learning: Publishing Services at Small Academic Libraries – Lisa Spiro

Section 3: What Libraries Publish
Chapter 8. Textbooks and Educational Resources in Library-Based Publishing – Cyril Oberlander
Chapter 9. More than Consumers: Students as Content Creators – Amy Buckland
Chapter 10. Archival APIs: Humanities Data Publishing and Academic Librarianship – Matt Burton and Korey Jackson
Chapter 11. Peering Outward: Data Curation Services in Academic Libraries and Scientific Data Publishing – Patricia Hswe

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