Resource: Resources from Developing Dartmouth’s First “Intro. to Digital Humanities” Course

I polled a number of DH colleagues on social media (Facebook and Twitter) who I know have taught their own introduction to DH courses or who have, like me, taught DH-inflected courses in an English department or similar program. I also met with a few DH colleagues on campus, including our DH librarian, Laura Braunstein, as well as my favorite DH critics. My goal was to collect a range of ideas and sample syllabi with different organizations, concentrations, and assignments in order to figure out what will work best to propose for Dartmouth’s students and for me. A number of people that I tagged in my queries responded that they, too, would benefit from having a list of resources for teaching an Intro to DH course. So, I am sharing most of the response stream here.

Access resource here.