Creative Commons Image by Phillip Barron via Flickr

Editors’ Choice: Who Teaches Digital History in Canada?

Digital history is coming to York University in Fall 2016. That is to say, I finally got around to organizing and preparing to teach digital history. As I get ready to teach this course, I am surveying the landscape of digital history teaching in Canada, looking for ideas. Readers of this article, I hope, will help by posting suggestions and links to resources in the comments below. In Canada, digital history is not yet a core course in history departments. Where it is taught largely depends on the faculty. Usually, one particular faculty member has initiated the introduction of digital history teaching into the curriculum and that faculty member typically sustains one or two courses on an individual basis. I found a couple instances in which digital history is occasionally taught as a special topics course, again on the initiative of an individual instructor rather than part of a core set of course offerings.

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