Job: Research Assistant, Center for Digital Cultural Heritage Research, Berlin/La Habana

From the ad:

For the launch of an international digitization and digital edition project, the Academy invites applications for the position of a Research Assistant (male/female/divers) in the field of Digital Humanities (Digital Scholarly Editions and Research Software Development) 100% full-time position for an initial duration until December 31, 2021. The position should ideally begin as soon as possible.

The CENTRO HUMBOLDT – Center for Digital Cultural Heritage Research, to be founded in 2019, is an
international cooperation at two locations: Berlin (BBAW) and Havana (Casa Museo Alejandro de Humboldt). As an interdisciplinary and intercultural project, the CENTRO HUMBOLDT will be home to a team of international researchers who work to preserve, develop and research written cultural heritage with the help of the technologies and methods of the digital humanities. This includes creating the philological basis for the corpus to be jointly developed within the framework of a digital workflow (digitization – metadata capture – text capture in TEI-XML – publication) and supporting it with own research and scholarly editing (transcription, indexing, annotation).

The position includes regular work assignments and team meetings in Havana. The focus of the project is on cultural and scientific historical sources of the 18th and 19th centuries in the context of Alexander von Humboldt’s American journey.

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