Resource: Postdoc Bill of Rights

From the resource:

Postdoctoral positions in the humanities have changed significantly in the past two decades. The traditional model, which assumes that the majority of one’s appointment is directed at individual research, has largely been superseded by labor-intensive positions embedded in a department, library, center, institute, etc. These positions can be highly rewarding for institutions and postdocs alike. But there is little documentation about what makes a postdoctoral position successful for the institution, and less about what conditions will help a postdoc achieve their professional goals.

With this document, we seek to address this gap. This document is designed for those who are creating postdoctoral positions, supervising postdocs, or considering employment as a postdoc. We hope that those who are creating and supervising these positions will use this document to establish more ethical and responsible positions. And we hope that those who are employed in these positions can use this document to identify and advocate for their needs.

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