Report: Who Counts? Data Citizenship course offers a look at “data literacy” in a digital world

From the report:

Who or what gets counted in the production and maintenance of data today? How does data change depending on who does the counting? When visibility entails vulnerability, how might counting become a dangerous activity?

During the last week of August, Rebecca Munson (Project and Education Coordinator) and Grant Wythoff (Digital Humanities Strategist) taught a class titled “Who Counts? Data Citizenship in a Digital World.” The class was part of the Freshman Scholar’s Institute, a summer program at Princeton that allows an entering cohort of students the chance to experience intellectual and social life at Princeton prior to the beginning of the fall semester. The FSI especially welcomes first-generation college and lower-income applicants, military veterans, transfer students, and others seeking a supportive scholarly community. Students spend seven weeks taking two full-credit courses with the opportunity to take an elective course during their eighth week; “Data Citizenship” was one of these options.

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