Resource: Talking about your research at Thanksgiving dinner

From the resource:

Second, you need to communicate your research to whomever you can find, wherever and whenever you can. Just like an entrepreneur, you need to have a 30-second, 1-minute, 3-minute and 5-minute versions of your research project. Think of it as pitching your research project and include all the essential parts (topic and main question, key methodology, progress so far and the projected impact of the final project) depending on the length of the version. These pitches need to be crafted for at least two different types of audience: lay-people and experts in your field. Whenever in doubt, offer the lay-person version and depending on the feedback of your audience, switch to the expert version for details.

You might have thought of many reasons in the past not to engage in communication about your research. Let’s go over a couple of common excuses…

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