Report: OLA’s 2019 Copyright Symposium – Copyright Law and Indigenous Knowledge

From the report:

During my day job, I handle copyright at an academic library, so I was supremely lucky this year that my manager was able and willing to send me to the annual Ontario Library Association (OLA) Copyright Symposium in Toronto on November 22nd. This year’s one day conference was looking at copyright and social responsibility through the lens of reconciliation as they explored the intersection of Canada’s Copyright Law (with some US discussion making a brief appearance) and traditional Indigenous Knowledge. Canada is currently engaged in a heavy reconciliation process with our Indigenous population, and many areas of the library industry are working on figuring out what that means and how we can support these members of our communities. My Foundations of Library and Information Studies class has a week long discussion about the Truth and Reconciliation Report and ethics actually back at the tail end of October in which I talked about this exact issue because I’ve been interested in it since I learned about it at the University of Waterloo’s 2018 Open Access Day conference.

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