Report: Measuring the Impact of DH Conference Abstracts – The Case of DH2016

From the report:

We are still toying around with the proceedings of ADHO conferences. This time we are interested in the measurability of the scientific impact of published abstracts.

Long story short, since no other meaningful metrics are at hand (or are there?), we have chosen Google Scholar’s citation counts. As a test case we decided to go with the abstracts from DH2016 in Kraków, because 1. they are well covered in Google Scholar and 2. it has been three and a half years since the conference, so that enough time has passed to actually have an impact and attract citations.

Our starting point was the fabulous DBLP, a giant computer science bibliography founded at University of Trier. Fortunately they also cover ADHO conferences since some time, so here are all contributions to DH2016 in a concise and interoperable form:

Read the full report here.