Report: “Research Software Engineering for Digital Humanities” Workshop

About the report:

The “Research Software Engineering for Digital Humanities” workshop, held at King’s Digital Lab (KDL) in December 2019, is now available as a ‘captured event’ on DARIAH-Campus.  The four-day event, which ran as part of the MaDiH (Mapping Digital Heritage in Jordan) project, focused on best practices in research software engineering adopted by KDL, from project idea to archiving and sustainability.

DARIAH-Campus offers a means to ‘capture’ training events such as workshops and webinars in a way that has previously not been available.  By presenting not only presentation slides, but also videos of speakers, PDFs of the programme and any handouts and any images from the event, it aims to present as much information as possible that enables any future users to get a good sense of what was discussed at the event.

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