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Resource: Alchemy, Text Analysis, and Networks! Oh my!

By Scott B. Weingart
What I really want to highlight, though, is a brand new feature introduced by Wallace Hooper: automated Latent Semantic Analysis (LSA) of the entire corpus. For those who are not familiar with it, LSA is somewhat similar LDA, the algorithm driving the increasingly popular Topic Models used in Digital Humanities. They both have their strengths and weaknesses, but essentially what they do is show how documents and terms relate to one another.

Resource: an ode to node

Interesting discussion of how to use IRC channels to show people how much Wikipedia is actively curated, without requiring them to reload the recent changes page, connect to some cryptic IRC channels, or dig around in some (wonderfully) detailed statistics. More importantly, could it be done in a playful way?

Resource: easygui for the programming historian

easygui provides several very-easy-to-use dialogue boxes that look native to the operating system and that provide a comforting means of choosing directories and files or entering bits of text into a program. They also help abstract one’s script from specific example texts or current obsession. For the rest of this post, I’ll provide a quick and easy tutorial on using easygui and some usage scenarios.

Resource: Introducing the Digital Humanities from the University of Michigan Teaching and Technology Collaborative

Presented to the University of Michigan Teaching and Technology Collaborative (TTC), the presentation, “Introducing the Digital Humanities,” was a whirlwind tour of new large-scale databases and tools for conducting and storing research, and a demonstration of some of the interactive platforms for broadcasting and publishing findings. We examined the digital humanities as a dynamic field (or perhaps “set of practices” is a better descriptor) that relies on and benefits from the scale of  the Information Age and which, in equal measure, provides a uniquely humanist take on the  new media making such scale possible.