CFP: Digital Media and Learning Badge Development Research Competition

Announcing CFP: Digital Media and Learning Badge Development Research Competition | HASTAC.

We seek research proposals that support and inform the design, development, and deployment of the digital badges and badge systems in any of these categories:

  1. The Digital Media and Learning Badges for Lifelong Learning general category, which supported the development of badges and badge systems across a diverse range of content, institutions, and approaches.
  2. Project Mastery awards focusing on the efficacy of badging systems for learning at Gates Foundation supported Project Mastery sites (School District of PhiladelphiaAdams County School District 50Asia Society). Project Mastery projects promote learning that is mastery based and Common Core aligned. The aim is to support new learning and knowledge, real-world outcomes like jobs, credit for new skills and achievements, and whole new ways to level up in their life and work.
  3. Teacher Mastery badge projects that track and promote feedback regarding the competencies, skills programs and subjects over which teachers acquire expertise. These include systems for recognizing and rewarding some of the capacities, skills and content needed to effectively teach math, literacy, or digital literacy skills and/or to effectively teach to the Common Core State Standards.