Resource and Opportunity: Welcome to Maker Librarian!

Welcome to Maker Librarian! | Maker Librarian.

Having been involved in Maker Culture since 2009, I’ve taken a lot of pleasure in watching the maker and hacker movement intersect with libraries and was excited to play a small role in making this happen. And in the last year interest seems to have exploded! This is where Maker Librarian comes in…

The goal of Maker Librarian is to serve as the primary resource for librarians who want to learn about makers, hackerspaces, the participatory library and everything in between. Over the coming weeks and months you’ll find;

  • Daily updates on the latest technologies, maker news and what librarians and libraries are up to
  • Interviews with the movers and shakers in the maker and hacker movement
  • Discussion of the difficult ethical and legal issues that libraries will have to face as technologies, like 3D printers, become readily available
  • A wiki for librarians to gather the best of training materials and classes for their programs
  • And a few exciting projects that will be revealed in the near future…

Obviously I can’t do this alone, so I will need your help. Contact me and let me know what you would like to see here, if you would like to contribute a post about something you are working on or to tell me how I’m doing it all wrong!

Librarians, let’s stop talking about the future. It’s time to make the future we want to see.