Highlights from a Year of DHNow

December 19, 2013

This is the season of holly and eggnog, the season of short days and finals and grading marathons. It is also a season of lists. Lists of gifts and “best ofs,” lists for reflection or amusement. We are not immune. While taking stock of the year in Digital Humanities Now statistics for last week’s PressForward post, I made a list of some of the individual pieces that were well-received, much-discussed, or frequently-visited on our site in 2013. Some of the most popular have gone on to become articles in the Journal of Digital Humanities, and you should visit them there. But I thought I might revisit the others, so that, in this season of leisure time (Go ahead. Laugh.), we could reread our favorites or finally read the ones that have stayed on our list of things to read all year long. I’ve divided them into categories and listed them in reverse chronological order, rather than rank them. It’s hard to define and determine what might qualify as most popular, whether via twitter or comments or page views, and they are all so engaging and interesting. Who wants to choose?

Reflections on the field of digital humanities and its tools:

From Portals to Platforms: Building New Frameworks for User Engagement” by Tim Sherrat

Historians and Digital History: Why Do Academics Shy Away from Digital History” by Paul W. Bennett

Start Calling it Digital Liberal Arts” by Rafael Alvarado

Building and (Not) Using Tools in Digital Humanities” by David Golumbia

Posts on Teaching and Learning:

Introduction to Omeka: A Lesson Plan” by Amanda French

Reflections on a Text Analysis Assignment” by Rebecca Frost Davis

Digital Editing with Undergradutes: Some Reflections” by Stephen Gregg

Decoding Digital Pedagogy, Part One” by Sean Michael Morris

Decoding Digital Pedagogy, Part Two” by Jesse Stommel

Reports on Research:

Warping the City: Joyce in a Mudbox” by Katie Tanigawa

Kindred Britain: A Sign of Our Times” by Elijah Meeks

The Future of the Civil War Through Gaming: Morgan’s Raid Video Game” by Trevor Owens

Diving into the Museum’s Social Media Stream” by Elena Villaespesa

Editors’ Roundups:

Roundup of posts about AHA and MLA in 2013

Roundup of posts about DH2013

Roundup of posts about the AHA recommendation to embargo history dissertations


Highlights from a Year of DHNow | PressForward.