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Editors’ Choice: Digital Humanities at MLA 2014

This is a list of digitally-inflected sessions at the 2014 Modern Language Association Convention (Chicago, January 9-12). These sessions in some way address digital tools, objects, and practices in language, literary, textual, cultural, and media studies. The list also includes sessions about digital pedagogy and scholarly communication. The list stands at 77 entries, making up less than 10% of the total 810 convention slots. The title of each panel links back to its official description in the convention program, which occasionally includes supplemental material uploaded by panel participants. Also running throughout the convention is the digitally-focused Pathfinders Exhibit: 25 years of Experimental Literary Art, in Sheraton II, Ballroom, Level 4.

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Source: Editors’ Choice: Digital Humanities at MLA 2014

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