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Editor’s Choice: Meaning and Perspectives in the Digital Humanities

The KNAW, UvA, VU and IBM are developing a long-term strategic partnership to be operationalized as the Center for Humanities and Technology (CHAT). The members and partners of CHAT will create new analytical methods, practices, data and instruments to enhance significantly the performance and impact of humanities, information science and computer science research.

As a first step in this process, members of the partners prepared a White Paper, Meaning and Perspectives in the Digital Humanities.

Read the full post here: Meaning and Perspectives in the Digital Humanities

Download the pdf of the white paper here.

This content was selected for Digital Humanities Now by Editor-in-Chief Stephanie Westcott based on nominations by Editors-at-Large: Leigh Bonds, Maria Ortiz, Lisa Munro, Claire Salinas, Adriana Bastarrachea, Becky Halat, Fiona Stewart-Taylor, Amanda Asmus, Josh Herron, and Danuta Sierhuis