CFParticipation: Help #bldigital to Help You do Better Digital Research

From the announcement:

The Jisc Research Data Spring is a project that aims to find tools, software, and service solutions that will improve how researchers work, in particular how they use and manage data.

The British Library Digital Research team are confident that infrastructures that deliver flexible and scalable access to large digital collections as data can enable better research. Last year we spoke about this at Digital Humanities 2014 (Farquhar, Adam; Baker, James (2014): Interoperable Infrastructures for Digital Research: A proposed pathway for enabling transformation. figshare. and we continue to work with student teams at UCL Computer Science to experiment with platforms for access to and interrogation of British Library digital collections.

Building on these activities, we are involved in two initial project proposals for the Jisc Research Data Spring…

Comment to get these projects moving forward: Help #bldigital to help you do better digital research